Osmose Is Committed to Resilience

Resilience is the ability of a structure or system to withstand and recover from a major disruption.  We are committed to safeguarding power grid infrastructure to enhance the communities served by European utility companies. Our digitally-enhanced, data-driven decision tools assess the probability of grid-threatening events and the economics of improved resilience so you can make smarter choices about how to harden your organization’s most important grid structures.  


Osmose Is Committed to Safety

Safety sets the pace at Osmose where safety is integral to our culture.  Our safety culture means that safety is a way of life at Osmose. It is how we think and how we approach our jobs every day, not because that’s what is required, but because that’s who we are. A deep regard for safety is a condition of employment at Osmose. We consistently achieve excellent safety results, and we will keep doing everything in our power to ensure this culture and our safety performance persists for us and for you.


Osmose Is Committed to Quality

Osmose believes a quality product or service is one that is what you, the customer, expects, delivered when you expect it. Osmose maintains a rigorous Quality Control program to continuously monitor and review the quality of work produced by each Foreman and crew. Representative samples of final work are regularly checked, and our business intelligence systems allow for real-time data review and analysis so we can quickly identify trends and respond to potential problems.  As a result, we can ensure that each customer's specifications and expectations are fully met.


Osmose Is Committed to the Environment

As a leading developer, provider, and applicator of remedial preservatives designed for in-service wood poles, Osmose is dedicated to the conservation of utility resources and strives to create a culture of environmental awareness both as a product developer and a service provider. In addition to being environmentally preferable, Osmose preservatives and coatings increase the safe and reliable service life of in-service utility structures, reducing the harvest of additional trees and the subsequent environmental effects associated with the manufacture of new poles.  In addition, our Power Survey technical loss detection services help significantly reduce CO2 emissions caused by voltage leaks from utility structures.