Structure Restoration and Upgrades

Structural Steel Restoration

Osmose’s structural steel restorations are designed and implemented compliant with American Society of Civil Engineers specifications. 

Steel structure restoration - guyed mast tower BEFORE
Steel structure restoration - guyed mast tower AFTER

Concrete Foundation Restoration

Osmose’s concrete foundation restoration solutions are designed and implemented in compliance with American Concrete Institute standards. 

Concrete foundation restoration BEFORE
Concrete foundation restoration AFTER
Case Study - Patented pole

Steel Pole Restoration Case Study

Reversing the effects of corrosion and restoring steel pole strength without interruption to service.

Patented Pole Restoration Solution

The Neighbor-Plate® system is engineered to restore strength and fully encase the deteriorated area of the pole. This universal restoration system restores strength loss from corrosion and other types of pole damage, without service interruption.

Screenshot 2022-11-14 151533

Steel Asset Betterment is a Capital Opportunity

Consider capitalizing the program costs of steel structure best-in-class assessment and remediation. Osmose asset advisory experts are available to support any utility’s operations and finance teams to undertake a successful capitalization program.