Barrier Protection

Although decades of history show that treated wood poles do not present an unacceptable risk to the environment, there are increasing public and regulator concerns about their use. The Osmose Eco-SockTM and the Cu-Lam Barrier are designed to act as physical barriers between poles and the soil. These impermeable, non-biodegradable barrier wraps help prevent preservative migration and can significantly extend pole life.

Eco-SockTM & Cu-Lam Barrier

The Osmose Eco-Sock barrier wrap is constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene, while the Cu-Lam barrier wrap is a copper polyethylene laminate. Both wraps separate the pole and its preservatives from the surrounding soil and are designed to prevent the invasion of wood-destroying fungi and termites, which typically occurs as the preservative leaches from the wood, leaving it vulnerable to attack.

Benefits of Barrier Protection

  • Impermeable to preservatives - designed to control preservative migration, prolonging the life of the pole and protecting the surrounding soil
  • Easily and quickly installed by pole-setting crew, no special equipment or tools required
  • Can extend time for initial below-ground inspection, and can be removed in the treatment zone to allow for thorough inspection and remedial treatment
  • Available in various sizes to fit transmission, distribution, or custom applications

Ideal Applications for Barrier Wraps

  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Transmission poles
  • High termite risk regions
  • Poles set in pavement
  • Poles stored for more than one year


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