O-Calc® LE

Streamline the Field Survey-to-Pole Loading Analysis Process

O-Calc LE is now available as an extension to the popular O-Calc Pro application.  With O-Calc LE, field technicians can collect data electronically using any internet-connected device (smartphone, tablet, laptop) and upload the data remotely to O-Calc Pro for automatic modeling.  Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Configuration
The O-Calc Pro user creates a project folder or job and configures the field collection model by selecting elements from their O-Calc Pro catalog.  Jobs can be configured from scratch or the O-Calc Pro user can load an existing configuration.

Step 2 - Assignment
The O-Calc Pro user assigns collectors (field technicians) to the project/job.  There is no limit to the number of collectors you can have, and collectors do not require an O-Calc Pro license to use the field application.

Step 3 - Collect & Upload
Field technicians use any internet-connected device to collect data in the field and upload completed pole information to O-Calc Pro:

  • The intuitive user interface, validations, and picklists streamline collection and improve accuracy and productivity of field resources.
  • O-Calc LE provides pole visualization tools so field techs can see a physical representation of the pole, equipment, and conductors to ensure it matches the structure they are modeling.  Load-screening tools allow users to flag overloaded poles before uploading them to O-Calc Pro.
  • The lag time between field data collection and pole modeling is drastically reduced.

Step 4 - Download Data & Process Analysis
In the back-office, the O-Calc Pro user sees completed jobs in their queue and downloads the data. Upon download, poles are modeled in O-Calc Pro automatically based on the data from the field.  Any pole images captured in the field are also included. If the image was taken using Osmose's Calibrated Visual Target (CVT), the O-Calc Pro user can verify measurements using the Digital Measurement Technology (DMT) tool in O-Calc Pro.  


O-Calc LE uses a transaction-based pricing model.  Customers pre-purchase the number of poles (transactions) they intend to process and begin using the application immediately.  Pole packages begin at as few as 20 poles. 

For package pricing, please call 716.319.3423 or email ocalc@osmose.com.