Osmose Digital Measurement Technology (DMT)

Image-Based Measurement Extraction Featured in O-Calc® Pro

A component of O-Calc Pro, Osmose Digital Measurement TechnologyTM (DMTTM) is an image-based measurement tool that allows users to extract accurate measurements from digital images taken in the field.  DMT utilizes an advanced photogrammetry engine to quickly produce accurate measurements which are applied directly to the model.

DMT was developed as an alternative to time consuming traditional field measurement techniques, such as hot stick measurements and the use of surveying instruments.  With DMT, O-Calc Pro users can extract the following measurements from digital images that contain a calibrated visual target:

  • Pole tip heightA - OCP DMT side by side with OCP
  • Attachment heights
  • Equipment sizes
  • Wire diameters
  • Line angle measurements
  • Relative measurements
  • Clearance measurements

Features & Benefits

  • DMT measures the actual pole tip height, providing users with a highly-accurate load analysis.  Other methods often assume power measurements from the pole tip and don't measure the height of the pole tip.  DMT correlates the actual attachment height with the actual groundline circumference. 

  • DMT measures wire diameters.  This is especially helpful with telecom attachments since wire specifications aren't always readily available.  It reduces the need for the exchange of information between electric and telecom companies and the subsequent delays often associated with the exchange of information

  • DMT requires a Calibrated Visual Target (CVT) and a digital camera; it does not require expensive surveying equipment.
  • DMT provides results that can be reviewed/confirmed without additional field visits.  Using the digital images as reference, users can extract measurements "as needed" from the back office, perform clearance checks, and support make-ready design with minimal field visits.
  • DMT's integration with O-Calc Pro creates a seamless, automated workflow and reduces input errors for a more accurate load analysis.

To learn more or place an order, please call 716-319-3423 or email ocalc@osmose.com.