Benchmark Your Pole Plant Health Using Industry Leading Analytics and Situation Models

Over the last couple of years, data has become the number one priority for utilities.  When it comes to your plant, knowledge is power, and it’s easy to see how data now gives us insights on almost every aspect of our business. 

Osmose has been collecting data for decades, and we believe the greatest service we can provide any electric utility is to help them better understand their asset health and optimize their system so it’s as strong as the communities it serves.  Because we’ve been inspecting wood utility poles for more than 80 years, we have inspection data on millions of poles across the country.  We leveraged this data to build OsmolyticsTM, an application designed to help utilities gain valuable knowledge about the condition of their wood poles.

With just a few simple inputs, Osmose can provide you with valuable information on the health of your pole plant including:

  • Key statistics for your plant - including estimated pole condition (no decay, decayed but serviceable, reject) and pole condition across various age groups
  • How your stats rank in relation to other utilities across the country
  • The financial forecast for your plant - including estimated replacement costs, areas for potential savings, and an assessment of the liabilities associated with your program


At Osmose, we believe there is an optimal approach to minimize risk and maintain the strength and resiliency of your system, and we can help you find it.

For a free analytics consultation, simply contact your local Osmose professional.  Not sure who that is?  Email [email protected] or call 770-631-6995.