C-Truss Helps System Weather the Storm

Deadly tornadoes ravaged Greensboro, NC leaving a path of destruction.  Authorities declared a state of emergency after high winds damaged homes and destroyed a mobile classroom.  Seen here is a reporter standing amidst the damage - fallen trees, debris, and a utility pole with an Osmo-C-Truss that weathered the storm!

Osmose pole restoration systems restore strength to poles weakened by decay so they exceed NESC requirements, providing many additional years of safe, reliable service.  Electric utilities and telecommunication providers across the US use Osmose restoration systems to restore strength and harden infrastructure against severe weather events just like this one, for a much lower cost than pole replacement. 

Reliable Wood Pole Restoration

  • Restores code-mandated strength
  • Adds decades of service life
  • Helps owners avoid the hassle of change-outs and service interruptions
  • Saves money - pole restoration is often one-third or less than the cost of replacement
  • 100% capital investment

How Trusses Work

When bending loads are applied to a reinforced pole, they are transferred to the truss.  The truss allows the bending loads to effectively bypass the decayed or damaged groundline area of the pole, transferring the loads to sound wood foundation below ground.

Trussing Options

Truss solutions can be adapted based on pole conditions. For more advanced decay (thinner shell applications), double trusses can be utilized to restore code-mandated strength.  For decay that has progressed beyond standard installation heights, a taller truss is the best solution.

To learn more about how trussing can help you, please visit the Pole Restoration section of our website or contact your local Osmose representative.  Not sure who your local Osmose representative is?  Email [email protected] to find out.