One Source; Many Services

At Osmose, we believe there’s an optimal approach to minimize risk and maintain the strength and resiliency of your system, and we can help you find it.

With a legacy spanning eight decades, Osmose is a one-stop-shop for utilities seeking solutions for aging infrastructure.  Whether the challenge is inspection, life extension, or rehabilitation, we have the knowledge,  experience, and the innovative tools and technology to make your grid as strong as the communities it serves.


Pole inspection, remedial treatment, and restoration programs add many years of durable service life and reduces unnecessary replacement costs.Read More


Steel asset life extension programs locate and assess deterioration on steel structures and identify those in need of mitigation and repair. Read More

Contact Voltage

Osmose scans underground distribution systems to detect electrical faults. Receive unmatched intelligence and visibility into the health of your systems.  Read More



Osmose provides services that help grid operators maintain their network, through targeted inspections, inventories, and remedial structural engineering.Read More


Accurate pole loading calculations are important when reporting to regulatory bodies for compliance purposes or determining the impact of additional attachments. Read More


Osmose has developed a groundbreaking, data-driven approach to analyzing structural resiliency and asset management and save utilities millions of dollars.Read More



Osmose develops and sells a variety of products designed to protect, preserve, repair, and restore your T&D structures and their attachments.Read More


Joint Use

Osmose supports network buildouts with turnkey solutions on behalf of pole owners, engineering firms, and telecommunication providers. Read More


Storm Support

Osmose is availble 24/7 to help utilities respond safely, quickly, and effectively to assess damages caused by major weather events.Read More