Telecommunications analysis & design

Osmose designs comprehensive, cost-saving solutions for the outside plant and the OSP manager that help you meet business objectives while maintaining safety, reliability, and service quality.

  • Network/Asset Inventories
    Network inventory services provide the accurate data you need to plan, design, deploy, and maintain a network model. Whether you're considering a fiber, wireless, hybrid or BPL solution, Osmose can help.
  • Pole Loading Analysis 
    Fast, accurate analysis of load and clearance using O-Calc® Pro, the industry-leading utility pole analysis software. 
  • Business/Process Outsourcing
    Whether you're deploying new services or reconciling an attachment audit, Osmose staffing and outsourcing options provide a flexible workforce at your disposal.


Safety First


Due to the hot and wet summer, we have seen increased populations of biting bugs and stinging insects.  Click here to learn how to prevent bites and stings.

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