Osmose Utilities Services

Osmose Utilities Services

Osmose Utilities Services, Inc. provides a variety of services and products to the North American electric utility and telecommunication markets. Osmose is widely known for its industry-leading inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation services and products, designed to enhance reliability and add years of useful life to in-service utility poles, towers, and other transmission and distribution assets. 


Osmose also provides utility data solutions and pole engineering services - from GIS related field surveys for network connectivity and joint use, to pole loading analysis for make-ready design and regulatory compliance.

America's utilities have learned that Osmose is one source with many solutions. Whether the need is pole inspectors to apply remedial treatment, crews to assist with post-storm recovery, or engineers to perform complex connectivity surveys and build accurate network models, Osmose can help. With decades of diverse experience as a foundation, Osmose is proud to serve America's utilities as they manage aging infrastructure and design and build tomorrow's intelligent utility.


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