Vegetation Management

Vegetation management solutions from Osmose keep your right-of-way clear at a lower cost and have longer-term effectiveness than traditional methods.

The Problem with Mowing and Cutting

The old-fashioned method of managing vegetation—mowing and cutting—is costly and only effective short term. Furthermore, mowing and cutting removes everything, even desirable plants, and within 12 months you're back where you started, but with more woody stems, denser brush, and a more difficult job the next time around.

The Solution: Osmose-Applied Herbicides

Osmose applies herbicides that are formulated to act selectively and to produce more desirable results.

  • Herbicides act by moving from the leaves to the roots. Correct coverage of the spray solution on the foliage is the key to success.
  • Woody and other undesirable plants are controlled as the herbicide moves to the root system. Desirable plants continue to grow in the treated right-of-way.
  • Suppressing undesirable plant growth increases system reliability and improves the landscape.
Vegetation Management
Vegetation Management
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      The Osmose approach has minimal environmental impact and encourages the growth of wildflowers and other desirable plants. The right-of-way remains clear and is less expensive to maintain.

        Vegetation Management: List of Services

        • Selective herbicide application for T&D networks
        • Broadcast herbicide application
        • Substation/industrial vegetation control
        • Pole, pedestal, and pad vegetation control
        • Tree-growth regulator application
        • Right-of-way mapping

        For all vegetation management services, Osmose technicians receive extensive training in evaluation of plant species, effective application techniques, and human & environmental safety.

      Vegetation Management Vegetation Management


      To learn more about vegetation management solutions, please contact Kevin Niles 716-319-3404 or [email protected].

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