LoadCalc® Software for Pole Inspection

LoadCalc can help reduce pole replacements by identifying poles that are less than fully loaded.

NESC Reject Criteria

"When a pole loses 1/3rd of its original required bending strength, it must be replaced or restored."

Many poles are not loaded to their full capacity and therefore have more strength than required by the NESC. LoadCalc estimates the actual load on a pole and determines the remaining strength required by the NESC for that installation. The inspector then compares the percent remaining strength to the required remaining strength for a more precise pass/fail decision.

LoadCalc  LoadCalc

LoadCalc pole inspection software accounts for:

  • Grade of construction-B, C or Cx
  • Pole length & class
  • Span lengths
  • Number, size & location of primary wires
  • Number, size & location of secondary wires
  • Total diameter of communications attachments
  • Size & location of streetlights & transformers
  • Size & location of miscellaneous equipment
  • Number & orientation of service drops

To learn more about how LoadCalc can save you money and help you to better manage the strengths and loads for poles in your system, contact Chad Newton at 770-632-6777 or [email protected]


PDF Document LoadCalc Software brochure

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