UG Cabinet Maintenance

Padmount Inspection & Painting 

Osmose crews are trained and certified to safely inspect padmount transformers, to identify potentially troublesome conditions and record accurate inventory information.

Available services include:

  • Internal and External Enclosure Inspections
  • Vegetation and Insect Control
  • Digital Images
  • GPS Positioning
  • Warning Sign, Tags and Numbering
  • Cabinet Leveling
  • Rust Repair 
  • Painting


Before (left) and After (right)  

Cabinet Inspection and Painting







PDF Document

Padmount Inspection & Maintenance brochure

For additional information on UG cabinet inspection, please contact Kevin Niles at 716-319- 3404 or [email protected].  


Cabinet Inspection and Painting  Step One: Remove Vegetation

Cabinet Inspection and Painting Step Two: Remove Rust

Cabinet Inspection and PaintingStep Three: Apply Rust-Covering Primer

Cabinet Inspection and Painting Step Four:  Apply Full Primer

Cabinet Inspection and Painting

Reconditioned Cabinet


Safety First


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